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Monday, March 5, 2012

Everyone gets a copy of my first book FREE!

I was really excited when the publishing guys said I could give everyone a FREE copy of my first book
"Zachary Pill, Of Monsters and Magic"!

Just click the book cover above and you'll be able to download a copy for any type of e-reader!


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  2. Hey this is pretty cool, didn't expect to get a free book when I followed your linked on Twitter...
    Also introduced me to "smashwords" which is a truly amazing space I never would have imagined existed. So thanks for the follow on Twitter... :)

  3. So, Tim. I have so many books on my kindle I keep forgetting I have yours on there. Then you RT something on twitter and I remember, but I'm backed up because I read by order of review request. To make up for my flaky memory, please come on over and guest post on my blog with co-author Paul R. Hewlett. We can promote your free book and maybe you'll like our kidlit author co-op enough to join. Totally your option, not a requirement to guest post. Hope to see you there.